Welcome to Verify My Identity

Verify My Identity is an
open source Open ID Connect
provider created to support
health information exchange.


Verify My Identity

Verify My Identity (VMI) is an Open ID Connect Provider, and OAuth2 Provider. Although a generic server, this service was created to facilitate the trusted exchange of sensitive (health) information. The implementation includes administrative tools for managing organizations, individuals, and relationships between them. VMI conveys identity assurance information in accordance with NIST Digital Identity Guidelines. If there is a feature you would like added to this project please submit a request on Github . This project is brought to you by Transparent Health, a 501(c) non-profit organization dedicated to transforming health care through open standards. Transparent Health accepts donations and technical contributions. VMI is designed to work seamlessly with its sister project Share My Health, an OAuth2 Provider and API gateway. VMI is written in Django and is free open source software under the Apache2 license. Commercial support is provided by Videntity .